How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi using WPS [Complete Steps]

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Do you want to know how to connect an HP printer to Wi-Fi using WPS? Keep reading this guide to know the steps.

WPS is a very handy feature to connect your HP printer to your Wi-Fi. When you use this feature, you won’t need to enter the Wi-Fi password when connecting the printer to the network.

To use this feature, you may need to find the WPS PIN.

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How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi using WPS

In this guide, you’ll learn how to connect your HP Printer to Wi-Fi using WPS.

Note: Not every router supports a WPS connection. So, before proceeding, you need to verify whether your router supports this feature and whether it has a WPS button.

Connect Your HP Printer to your Computer using WPS

To connect your HP printer to your computer or mobile using WPS, turn On WPS mode on your printer and router. Next, add your printer to your device.

Turn On WPS mode on your Printer

  1. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button for 5 seconds (If the Printer has a WPS button, press it)


  1. If you have HP Desktop 600 or Envy 6400 and 6000 series printer, press and hold the Power and Wireless buttons for 5 seconds (The wireless button will start flashing) 


  1. HP Printer having the touch panel, open Setup > Go to Network Setup > Wireless Settings > Select Wi-Fi Protected Setup > Push Button > Start. 

Turn On WPS mode on your Router

  • Press WPS Button.
  • The WPS light will start blinking and will attempt to connect with the printer that is already in WPS mode.
  • The connection process will take 1 to 2 minutes.

You can verify from the wireless settings whether your router is connected to your printer.

Add Your Printer To your Mobile or Computer

To add your printer to your mobile or computer, first, you will need to download and install the HP Smart utility on your device.

Windows users 

  • Visit Microsoft Store to download the HP Smart utility.
  • Click on the Get in Store app.
  • Download the utility.

MAC User (Desktop)

  • Visit App Store to download the HP Smart utility.
  • Download the utility successfully.

Android/iOS User (Mobile)

  • Visit the App/Play Store.
  • Search for the HP Smart app.
  • Download the app.

Once you download the Utility, you will see a welcome screen, click on the “Skip for now” option, and next click on the “Add printer” option. 

Your computer will start scanning for the available printers. Select your printer from the list and complete the installation.

On your mobile device (Android/iPhone/iPad), download and install the app from the Play/App Store and click on the “Add Printer” option. Next, click on the “Complete now” option to finish the setup or add your HP printer.

Start printing! 

We hope this guide helped you. Tell us how this guide goes for you! Thanks!

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