How to Change Your Birthday on Roblox (if Under 13) [2024]

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Are you over 13 and your birthday is still showing up as under 13 on Roblox? Keep reading this guide to change your birthday!

How to Change Your Birthday on Roblox

Beyond the normal method of setting your age on Roblox, sometimes, it can be mistakenly set below 13. And if you’re under 13, you won’t be able to use many features: account restrictions will apply.

What restrictions will you face if you are under 13 on Roblox?

If you are under 13 on Roblox (e.g. 11 or 12), you will see filtering on your posts and chats for inappropriate content.

Players who have crossed 13 can use more words and phrases in their chat with the other players.

Plus, can limit or disable who can chat with them from the chat and privacy settings.

How to Change Your Birthday on Roblox (if Under 13)?

If your birthday is set below 13 accidentally on Roblox, follow these steps to change it:

  1. Visit
  1. Enter the login credentials (your registered username, name, and email.)
  1. Select the device type that you’re having the problem on.
  1. Next, select “Chat & Age Settings” as the first help category.
  1. Now, select “Change Child Age” as the second help category.
  1. In the description box, describe that you’ve set the wrong birthday by accident and you want to change it.
  1. Click on Submit and wait for Roblox’s response.
  1. If successful. You will get a response message saying that your birthday has been changed or reset.

Note: You will get a response from the Roblox team via Email. The response may come within 24 to 48 hours.

According to the official announcement, “The age setting cannot be changed because of COPPA regulations.”

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