YouTube Video No Sound on TV and Mobile: Simple Ways To Fix

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Have you just turned on your TV and played a YouTube video, but there is no sound? Well, it’s not just happening with you- many users have faced this issue. 

Youtube is a worldwide application used to watch videos for free, on your phone, PC, and TV. The best thing about this free platform is that you can watch videos of your interest. The app has an inbuilt search feature that allows users to search for videos of their choice.

Sometimes, the selected videos fail to produce any sound, that might be irritating. In this guide, you will learn what to do if such an issue arises.

Basic Check: Before trying any solution, check if the volume is not muted from the remote. Turn On and Off the mute button.

Fix YouTube Video No Sound

Fix YouTube Video No Sound

Close the YouTube App and Relaunch

The first step is quite simple; Simply close the YouTube app and relaunch it. Due to some temporary glitch, sometimes the sound in the video may not be audible. 

TV Users: Press the back button on your TV remote and go to the Home screen. Launch YouTube again and select a video to play.

Mobile users: Close the app and then close all the opened tabs on your phone. Launch the YouTube app again and try to play any video.

Update YouTube App

Sometimes, an outdated version of the YouTube app might create problems and the selected video may not be audible.

Ensure that you are running an updated version of the YouTube app.

Reset YouTube Settings

This is the best possible solution to deal with sound issues with YouTube videos. 

Open the YouTube app > Settings > Reset the app/settings > select Reset app > Confirm your choice.

After that launch the YouTube app again and open any video to see if the sound issue has been resolved or not.


If YouTube video has no sound on your TV or mobile, try restarting the app as the first step. This should resolve the issue, but if this fails, try updating the app. If this doesn’t change the situation, try resetting the YouTube app settings. 

Before anything else, you should check whether the sound is muted from the remote. Check on your remote and press the Mute button to turn On and Off.

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