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Xbox users are reporting an Error Code 0x87af000d on their console. They are getting this Xbox error code while they are trying to open games like- Black OPS: Cold war COD, Battlefield V, Batman Arkham Knight, and others. This error popup is recurring frequently for some users and they are manually doing dismiss this error popup multiple times. Doing this manually is quite irritating. 

However, Xbox hasn’t released any official statement or solution related to this error message. But to help you we have done some research on this error code and found some methods to fix error 0x87af000d. 

What Does Xbox Error Code 0x87af000d Indicate?

Xbox Error Code 0x87af000d typically indicates that there is a problem with the console’s internal storage. This error code usually appears when users try to install or uninstall games on their console. The good thing is this error code can be resolved by the Xbox users, easily. This guide has the steps that the users have to apply or perform. Let’s see these steps.


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We’ve tried to deliver easy methods to all Xbox users who are facing Error Code 0x87af000d. Follow the below-mentioned methods to resolve this issue:

Internet connection checking  

Most of the console errors occur due to a weak or poor internet connection. So, firstly we suggest checking your internet connection properly. If your internet connectivity is good, you can go with the next methods to fix this error. You can check your internet speed from this link. 

Resetting the Console can also fix Error Code 0x87af000d

This is a recommended method to fix this error code for all Xbox users. This method helped many users, so, to reset the console, you need to follow these steps: 

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  1. A guide will appear, select- Profile & System from here.
  1. Now, choose Setting and click on the System.
  1. Select- Reset console from the console info. There will appear three options, you have to go with one of the appeared three options.
  1. Select- Reset and keep my games & apps.

After a complete restart, try to restart games and play. You can go with the next method if you are still facing the error code. 

Clear the Mac Address 

Many Xbox users found this method helps to fix Error Code 0x87af000d. Through the network setting, you can easily delete the Mac address.

  1. Open Network Settings.
  1. Now, Go to the advanced settings.
  1. Next, open the Mac option and select the clear option from here finally.

After completing these steps open the game, and try playing. If the issue persists still, go with the next method. 

Contact Xbox Support

If you are still facing problems after doing these all methods, you need to contact the official site of Xbox support. Xbox experts will surely help you to resolve your issue.

You can go with this link to contact the Xbox experts:


In this article, we have tried to explain all possible fixes related to the Error Code 0x87af000d. This error code appears while the user tries to open a game. If you are getting any other Xbox related error on your console then comment to us, we will definitely try to help you. However, it can take some time. Thanks…

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