Steep Error Code DE-005-03 – Fix it in Minutes

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Fix Steep Error Code DE-005-03: Steep is a sports video game that was developed by Ubisoft Annecy. The release of Steep game was a long time ago but it still keeps its popularity among players.

The error code DE-005-03 means that the game will not connect to the central Steep server and, therefore, cannot establish communication while offline. Various possible factors can cause this error such as poor internet connection, an issue with a game console/device, a steep server on maintenance or downtime, network configuration settings, and corrupted files.

Fix Steep Error Code  DE-005-03

How to Fix –  Steep Error Code DE-005-03?

Verify Your Internet Connection

First, make sure that your Internet connection is stable. If your connection is unreliable, try resetting your router or changing to a different network like mobile data or another service supplier. 

Check the Status of the Game and Console Servers.

Once you have ensured that your internet connection is all good, go ahead and verify the status of both the Steep game servers and your game console’s servers. Visit the official websites to find out about the server status of Steep, PlayStation, and Xbox One. Within a few hours, server issues are to be resolved if any.

Check Your Gaming Console Networks

It is quite likely that you have encountered some connectivity problems in Steep and the issue may lie with the network settings of your game console. In your settings console, make sure that NAT (Network Address Translation) status is available. If your NAT type is “Open” or “Single NAT”, you can move on. But if it is anything else, you have to forward the port to your device. Use the recommended port details and modify them accordingly. Save the changes and start over.

Start Playing Steep Game Offline

If you cannot play the game live, try playing offline mode for about 20-30 minutes before switching to live mode. Hopefully, this bypass will get around the DE-005-03 error if there is a problem with a certain part of the game on the server but the problem is for a limited time. Turning offline for a while might activate the module and you will be able to get into the server without any problem.

Relaunch the Entire Steep Game 

Game software may experience technical glitches or unexpected errors within the game files, thus causing inconveniences. To solve the problem, the entire game will be restarted. Shut down the game appropriately, shut down the game console, all the running programs, and the system. Turn off the power, wait 5-10 minutes, plug it in again, and power on your PC.

Delete Accumulated  Data from the Console

If the problem still exists, it can be the damaged game file. Clean the stored data from the console to get rid of any unintentional connection faults or technical problems. Open up the system storage within your Steep game settings and delete the saved data. After you have deleted the data, reinstall the Steep game. 

Try It Out in Another Console

In rare cases, a technical error could happen without any apparent fault. If you cannot log in to the game mode online, please wait a few minutes and try to log in again to see whether the game is functioning properly. However, consider the option of playing the Steep on another platform, for example, PS or X-box, if possible. This step can identify if the problem is specific to your current playing system.

Contact Support 

If none of the solutions work for you then it’s time to contact the Ubisoft customer care executives to get a specific solution according to your situation.

We hope the above-mentioned comprehensive guide helps to resolve the error code DE-005-03 and you will surely move forward to playing Steep without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do server issues take too long to be fixed?

Steep server issues are usually fixed within a couple of hours.

Can I play the Steep in single-player mode?

Yes, there is an offline version of Steep in which only free roam is available and you cannot play content or progress.

If none of these troubleshooting steps will work, what should I do?

If any of the available solutions still fail, you can contact Ubisoft customer support for additional help.

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