What is “Error Validating Basket” on Doordash and How to Fix It?

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DoorDash makes it easy to order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant to your work or home. But sometimes, an ordering error can make you wait to get your favorite food. Many users have reported an “Error validating basket” error when ordering on DoorDash.

This is the right place to find out why DoorDash is failing to validate the basket and what could be causing the error message to appear on your screen. If you are encountering this error message, follow this guide to learn possible troubleshooting steps.

Fix Error Validating Basket on Doordash

What is “Error Validating Basket” on DoorDash, and Why Does It Appear?

“Error Validating Basket” appears when the DoorDash app fails to verify/identify your order. The error restricts users from placing their orders. There can be several reasons for this error message, including – 

Unstable/Slow Internet – If your internet is not fast and strong enough, the verification process for your cart may take longer than usual resulting in an error message.

Empty Cart – It is another cause to get the error message.

Older Version of the App and Your Device’s Software – If you have an older version of the DoorDash app or your device’s firmware there may be a compatibility issue, which may result in the validation process failing and an error appearing.

Outdated/overloaded/corrupted app cache – The app cache may become overfilled or corrupted resulting in the app throwing an error message when attempting to place an order.

Issue Tracing the ID – – The executive may encounter problems tracking your ID, resulting in the verification process failing and an error message appearing.

Troubleshooting “Error Validating Basket” on Doordash

Follow these steps to resolve this error message – 

Make sure the Cart is not empty

If the cart is empty the verification process will fail and you may see an error message. So, make sure the cart is full. Open the DoorDash app, search for the item in question, and add it to your cart before placing your order. Once the item appears in your cart, try placing the order to prevent the “Error validating basket” message. 

Make sure you have a strong and stable internet

Due to slow/unstable internet, the verification process may take longer than usual and hence the error message “Error Verification Basket” may appear. So make sure you have internet with sufficient speed and signal strength. 

Additionally, consider doing these steps:

  • Reset your router (power off and then on).
  • Power cycle your router/modem (unplug it from all power points and cable points and after 5 minutes plug it back in and turn it on)
  • Switch between available internet options (Switch to your mobile data if you are using your home/office network and vice versa)

Clear DoorDash App Cache

iPhone users, Go to iPhone settings -> General -> Click on DoorDash App -> Click on iPhone Storage -> Click on Offload App button -> Install DoorDash app again. 

Android users: Go to settings -> Manage Apps ->  Search for DoorDash App and click on it -> Tap on clear cache, and confirm your selection. 

Reinstall or Update the DoorDash App

An outdated version of the DoorDash app or a corrupted installed file may cause issues with the ordering process. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app will install new app files which may resolve the issue. 

Contact the Official Site or Support to Resolve any Trace ID Error

Sometimes, the executing party may fail to trace your identity, and hence, they do not confirm your order. As a result, your order is not validated, and you see an error message respectively. 

So, if all the above steps have failed to resolve the error message, you might consider contacting the official site or support to resolve any trace ID error.


“Error Validating Basket” often appears on Doordash when the app fails to recognize the order. To troubleshoot this error, check your Internet connectivity and fill your cart. Additionally, try clearing the app cache, and if that doesn’t make any changes, try reinstalling the DoorDash app.

If nothing helps, contact the official site or support to resolve the Trace ID error.

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