DSTV Error Code Per 1 [What This Error Says, and How to Fix It]

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Troubleshooting the Per 1 error code can be a challenge for all Dstv users as no official information or explanation is available to resolve it. But in this guide, we have mentioned some straightforward troubleshooting tips that have helped many users, and we hope it will help you too.

Fix DSTV Error Code Per 1

So, if this error is bothering you too, keep reading this guide to troubleshoot it!

What Does DSTV Error Code Per 1 Say, and How to Troubleshoot It?

The Dstv error code Per 1 says – “Looks like something went wrong. Please try again.” The error may appear due to a temporary glitch connecting to the service or a network interruption due to an unstable or slow internet.

There is no official information provided by Dstv to resolve this error code. However, some tricks have been tested by many users and they have found them useful.

These tips can be found below!


Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot this error code –

Try again: The first step is to try again – Sometimes, the error may be the result of a temporary glitch that can only be resolved by closing the app, restarting your device, and relaunching the DStv app.

Make sure your internet is strong and stable: Unstable internet can be another possible reason for getting the copy error. Restart your router to resolve connectivity issues, and if it doesn’t help, unplug it and disconnect it from all connected cables and wires, wait for 5 minutes, reconnect the router to all wires, and Turn it on.

Update the DStv app: Error Per 1 may occur due to compatibility issues – if you are using an older version of the DStv app. Update the app and see if the error is resolved or not.

If these steps fail to work, contact DStv support. Visit https://www.dstv.com/en-za/help/contact-us to get in touch with the official DStv support team.

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