Disney Plus Error Code 90 how to fix

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 90 [Easy Steps]

Love to watch movies and shows on the OTT platform? Disney Plus is one of these OTT platforms that helps many users to get entertained by watching their favorite shows, movies, and videos on it. However, some users are reporting that they are getting Disney Plus Error Code 90 when they are trying to stream something on this platform. So, in this guide, you will understand what this error code is and why this appears including its fixes.

Disney Plus Error Code 90: Why Appears?

Disney Plus Error 90

Like many other platforms, Disney Plus also provides various things to get entertained. A user can opt for movies of its productions and other productions, shows, and many other videos easily on this platform. But, sometimes, an error code can hinder the way of streaming or watching by appearing on the screen of the user. Error code 90 is one of these errors. This usually appears when either your IP is blocked by the platform or some wrong settings have been done in your router settings. Generally, this occurs when users try to watch their selected shows, movies, or other content on Disney Plus. Let’s see how you can fix it?

How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 90?

Disney Plus Error Code 90 how to fix

Here, some important and done steps are going to be mentioned, follow these to fix this error code.

Check Internet Connection

Check if your device has been connected to good internet or not. This should be the first step in the way of fixing the error code 90 from your screen. A good internet always helps to stream flawlessly without having an error code. So, just execute this step as the first to do.

Perform Power Cycle

As a second step, perform a power cycle of your internet device and the device on which you are trying to stream content using Disney Plus. Just unplug the devices from the main power source and wait for 40 to 50 seconds, replug the wires and restart them.

Switch your Internet

If you are using Wi-Fi to streaming, switch to your mobile data and if you are using mobile data, switch on the Wifi and see if this helps or not. 


In the case, when there is an issue with your IP address, a VPN may play a crucial role to get started streaming on the platform. VPN software connects the application or Disney plus from another IP address and the streaming gets started.

Reset Your Internet Settings

If there is a problem with your internet configuration, resetting the settings of your internet may help in this situation. So, try this step and see if the issue has been gone or not.

Contact Disney Plus Help Center to Get Your IP Unblocked

As the main cause of getting Disney plus error 90 is your IP address that has been blocked by Disney, you should contact the support to get your IP unblocked and use it again. This is a permanent solution if your IP has been really blocked by Disney.

Final Words

We hope now this error code 90 has been gone from your screen. You can tell us which step proved a useful asset to you to fix this error code. If you have any other queries, comment to us and ask your question, you are free, and don’t hesitate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Disney Plus Error Code 90 Indicate?

Disney Plus Error Code 90 on Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, and other devices usually indicates that the platform is accepting your IP as blocked or some wrong settings of your router are preventing your request to connect.

Why is Disney Plus blocking my IP address?

If your IP is being blocked by Disney Plus, this means the system detects that the IP is being used from outside the accepted Disney+ countries. Also, if Disney Plus detects some suspicious activity from your IP, it may block that IP address.

How do I unblock Disney Plus?

You can contact the support team of Disney Plus and appeal to them to unblock your IP, or You can use a VPN software or application.

Do VPNs work for Disney Plus?

The answer is- Yes, you can use VPNs if you want, and sometimes, this helps- when your IP has been blocked by Disney Plus.

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