Ticketmaster Error Code 0002 [Fixed & Explained 2023]

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Generally, the Ticketmaster Error Code 0002 appears when users try to purchase tickets using the platform. When this error appears, users get fail either to add the selected tickets to the cart or fail to check out the tickets- that are already added to the cart.

The exact error message seems like this:

                            Sorry, we could not process your request, please try again later: 

                                                                        Error Code: 0002

Ticketmaster Error Code 0002
Ticketmaster Error Code 0002

Ticketmaster knows this error but, only a few discussions are available on their official forum site. However, they don’t have any concrete actions to fix this issue, this guide has included some workaround explaining what this is and how this can be fixed.

If you wish to book tickets online for a variety of events- such as theaters, sports, concerts, and many more, Ticketmaster is the place from where your can do easily. But, recently, many users face the error code 0002 while they were booking tickets for their selected events. If you have been affected by this error, read our guide and know all about this error.

Causes of Ticketmaster Error Code 0002

You can divide the causes of this particular error into two main parts:

Server Side issue

If the server is affected by some reasons and does not respond- as it should, then you may face the error 0002. In this case, when a server-side issue is happening, you can just wait rather than do anything else. 

A good probability of getting a server issue is when a lot of people access the application or website at the same time. Maybe, this is the case, and many users try to buy a hot ticket on Ticketmaster at the same time when you are trying. This will increase the chance of getting the error on your screen. So, wait for some time and then try again, this we can suggest- if there is a server problem.

Client-Side Issue

This may happen means- you may see the error if any problem is undergoing with your web browser or the device on which- you are accessing the Ticketmaster.

There are some recommendations from the official team of Ticketmaster to avoid an error- such as 0002:

  1. Don’t use multiple devices to log in.
  1. Avoid using public internet or wi-fi.
  1. Don’t copy links and paste them to the other browsers.

Now, head on to the explained solutions to fix the error code that is mentioned next to your eyes.

How to Fix Ticketmaster Error Code 0002?

Well, now we are finally on the solution of the error code 0002. 

Clear Cache and cookies data

Whatever device your using to buy tickets on Ticketmaster, cache and cookies data may get corrupted on that. Clearing them can be a solution to resolve the error and making a clear way in purchasing your selected ticket. 

Disable VPN or Proxy

A VPN server may create a conflict with your location to understand by the application- Ticketmaster, and the app may get confused about your correct location. So if you are using a VPN or proxy server on your device, disabling them can clear the way to purchase your ticket without getting an error code.

Check Server Status

The server of the app may go down if too many purchasing attempts are going made at the same time. Check server status by visiting the down detector and ensure that this is really happening or not.

Some Verified Solutions

We have collected some verified solutions accepted by the users- that are proved helpful to them.

  1. Use of Incognito Window (Verified Solution)

When you use an Incognito windows means- no cookies and cache data can interfere with the process of purchasing. This helps you to keep away from the error code 0002 when you possibly get this during the purchasing of tickets.

Use Keyboard shortcuts to open an incognito window, or click on the three dots on your browser’s screen present at the top right corner of the screen. Then select, a new incognito window from the list. Start your purchase and see if this helps.

Use of Incognito Window
  1. Clear Cookies and cache of your browser (Verified Solution)

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies data can be a broom to broom out the error code. Many users accepted that they had been capable to clear the error code when- they had cleared their browser’s cache and cookies data. 

Now, this can be your chance to fix the error code, just clear your browser’s data and see for any change.

  1. Use Ticketmaster on your mobile Phone

This trick worked for many people, and in last, they resolved the error by doing this. You can also go with this trick and see if this proves as an asset for you or not.

Final Words

Although no official or concrete solutions are present to fix the error code 0002, we have gathered many verified solutions in this guide. Hopefully, you have fixed the error. Tell us which trick did work for you.

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