The stunning new Tecno Phantom Ultimate Rollable Smartphone has a killer Look

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Tecno Phantom Ultimate

NEWS: Have you already heard about the latest smartphone tendency? Tecno just unveiled their new Phantom Ultimate Rollable Smartphone, and it is so stunning. Picture a handset that may be pulled or even curled like a receipt and it’s a very good game-changer.

Techno strives to pave the way for the future at the MWC 2024 with several prototype offerings such as the prominent Phantom Ultimate, which comes as one of the highlights of the show. Remember the time last year when the company was planning to create a rollable phone concept? This idea isn’t just a fantasy anymore – this is a device that is working and already up and running.

This screen transition is amazing as it lasts no more than 1.3 seconds, something that is striking.

Assume that you’re holding a phone that transforms instantly into something else at your fingertips. The Phantom Ultimate begins with a small screen of 6.55 inches. However, only a single snap can make the screen go from a 5-inch to a 7.11-inch size allowing one to enjoy watching videos or playing games. This smart design needs 1.3 seconds, which has made it so smooth and convenient.

But Tecno’s thinking does not end there either. Now, they’ve got the second display on the back as well. The peculiarity here is indeed the screen that is, in fact, the central wall carefully framed behind the protective window. This does not require another screen, thus, shout about efficiency.

Foldable phones have emerged as software limiters, but Tecno is firmly positioned in this area. It uses amazing technology that could continue working perfectly even if the phone extends the display or collapses into a smaller one.

While the Phantom Ultimate is still under development, Tecno already boasts two successful foldable phones: three high-end smartphones – Phantom V Fold, and Phantom V Flip. As for the geologists, they are also not deprived of innovations. They own the Huawei Borderless Foldable Main Screen technology, which frees the bezels for unlimited viewing.

Do you recall the phone in a color-changing mode that the TECNO brand showcased recently? The Chameleon Color Technology reappears and this time it’s integrated into a foldable phone. This technology is based on several prisms that change their angles by magnetic field, which allows consumers to choose between a huge variety of colors and save power at the same time.

They do not stop at smart city features. The Buzinga cross is a projector phone and the transparent display is the best-selling feature from Tecno Dynamic 1. These ideas, though not yet fully developed for consumers, are a demonstration of how Tecno likes to think beyond today to reinvent the future of mobile technology. And let us admit, they all look a bit cool.

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