Stargate Timekeepers Steam Deck Support: Is it Available Now?

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The developer and publisher, Slytherin Limited, has mentioned that the game “Stargate: Timekeepers” will be launched in two parts – Season 1 Part 1 on January 23 and Season 1 Part 2 later in 2024. Now, players can purchase the full season but will only be able to play Part 1 for now. 

Although the game has disappointed players due to the lack of better visuals, it is still the first choice for all Stargate lovers.

Diving into the STARGATE SG-1 Universe, you will get 14 narrative-rich missions that you will need to unfold.

There are many characters in the game, but you will find yourself falling in love with Commander Eva McCain, a master of automatic rifles and experienced in spotting weak points, and Max Bolton, a sniper who can find the right spot to kill enemies from a long distance.

In this, many users are eager to know whether the game is available to play on Steam Deck and does it has any support.

Is Stargate: Timekeepers available on Steam Deck?

Stargate Timekeepers Steam Deck Support

As of the time of writing, the status of Stargate: Timekeepers on Steam decks is still unknown, meaning Steam has not yet reviewed the game. Since this is a global launch, players are wondering if the game will be supported on deck. And fortunately, it is going on quite successfully. 

While the game doesn’t have the official Steam Deck Verified badge, players are still enjoying it without any issues. But, be ready, if there are any compatibility issues.

So, don’t worry, you can play Stargate: Timekeepers on your handheld console and enjoy your gaming. However, there is a possibility that you may encounter issues with the game loading, some of its features, or the entire game functioning.

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