How to Cancel Noom Subscription on Android Phone

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How to Cancel Noom Subscription: Hey! Are you looking for the answer to the question- “How to Cancel Noom Subscription on Android Phone or Tablet”, then this article is for you. This webpage will help you to prevent an unwanted deduction by the Noom app. One: very important thing you should know that the Noom app doesn’t provide a direct button to unsubscribe. But you can send a message to your Goal Specialist, and inform them that you want to unsubscribe from the program.

A brief introduction to Noom App:

This app is related to health & fitness and helps you to overcome your overweight. It comes with android and IOS both. This Application or program does not just advise you to eat less and move all the more yet, also, investigates the profound established considerations, triggers, and propensities that impact these practices to assist you with shedding pounds and remain solid forever. You, always guided by a dedicated Noom coach, and the coach guides you with a personalized course that is suitable for your health. You also get support and accountability from your coach along the way. 

But sometimes you need to unsubscribe from the Noom program, and you don’t have any idea how to do this. So, in this guide, you will get the idea to unsubscribe from this program from your Android phone. 

How to Cancel Noom Subscription on Android

Here is the method by which you can cancel the Noom subscription from your Android Phone.

Note- If you delete or uninstall the program from your android device, yet, the company would deduct the subscription fees until you unsubscribe or cancel your membership. So, you have to apply properly to cancel your membership from the program.

Step 1. Go to your Android device, and open the Noom Application on it.

Step 2. If you had deleted it or uninstalled it, then reinstall it again.

Step 3. Go to the chat icon, and click on it to connect with your goal specialist.

Cancel Noom Subscription on Android

Step 4. Now, click on your Goal specialist name.

Step 5. Be in touch, and communicate with your goal specialist to cancel your subscription from the Noom program. 

Now, make sure that they have canceled your Noom subscription after having a chat with your Goal Specialist. Now, you can delete or uninstall this application from your Android Phone. If you are going to cancel your membership before your billing cycle, you can still contact your Goal Specialist.

So, these were the steps to stop or cancel your Noom subscription. I hope these steps will help you to cancel your trial and avoid any further deduction.

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