YouTube is Not Working on Samsung TV: Tested Ways To Fix

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If your Samsung TV shows a blue or black screen while trying to open a YouTube channel or video, you’re not alone because many users encounter the same issue.

The problem occurs due to various factors, such as poor internet connection, an outdated version of the YouTube app, and incompatibility with the Samsung TV.

Check For Server Issues 

YouTube is a popular app, so it is obvious that most users operate it on their mobile, TV, and laptop, which results in a server-down issue. At that time, you cannot do anything except calm yourself because the problem is not from your end. To get any announcements, stick to YouTube’s website.

Visit to verify if YouTube’s services are not affected in your area.

How to Fix if YouTube is Not Working on Samsung TV?

Fix YouTube is Not Working on Samsung TV

Perform Some Basic Steps

Before you try some technical fixes, we recommend you perform some basic checks first, including:

  • First, check your internet connection by turning it off and on. You can also switch between different websites or apps to ensure the stability of the connections. If it runs websites and apps firmly, there could be other causes of the problem.
  • Sometimes, YouTube has compatibility issues with your TV. To check the compatibility, you can visit the official website of Samsung.
  • Uninstall an outdated version of the app to remove the bugs and glitches that could be a reason for the issue. Also, install the latest version of the app.

If your problem is not resolved, you can opt for the following troubleshooting methods: 

Power cycle the Samsung TV

It will help you to remove temporary bugs and glitches; you just have to follow these steps:

  • Remove the plug from the socket.
  • Then wait for a few minutes.
  • For approximately 30 seconds, continue pressing the power button (if you don’t have power, skip this step).
  • Connect the plug to the socket.

Clean the cache

YouTube needs your data to provide the best performance, but with time, its overloaded accumulation may lead to a problem. Clean the cache by considering these steps:

  • Navigate to the settings by pressing the setting button on your remote.
  • Chose self-diagnosis > TV device manager > clean now > memory boost > clear running apps
  • Further, click on Show App List > Search for YouTube > View Details > Clear the cache

For some other modes of Samsung TV

  • Navigate to the TV settings > Support > Device Care > Manage Storage.

Reset the Samsung Smart Hub

With a simple rest, you can conquer this problem. Let’s perform these steps:

  • Press the settings on your remote and navigate to the settings.
  • Click on the support tab. self-diagnosis tab > Reset Smart Hub
  • There, you see a pop-up message accepting the terms and conditions of the Smart Hub.
  • Start tapping Volume + Mute + Channel up on the remote. Here you will find the internet location list, then choose your country.
  • Accept it by tapping on OK.

Change Date and Time

Due to an incorrect time and date, you may see a problem, so have a look at it as well to resolve this issue and set the correct date and time by applying these steps:

  • Go to the Settings > General > System Manager > Time > Clock.
  • Ensure that you set this feature in auto mode so it arranges dates and times automatically.

Final Words

This is all about how to fix “YouTube Not Working on Samsung TV”. After performing all these troubleshooting methods, you can surely get back to enjoyment. However, in case you are still a victim of the problem, it is recommended that you connect with Samsung for individual assistance.

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