King Pellet Stove Error 2- Fix it in Minutes

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Don’t worry if you’re experiencing the frustrating King Pellet Stove Error 2. Today we’re here to help you and fix the issue with some effective and easy troubleshooting techniques.

Fix King Pellet  Stove Error 2

What is the King Pellet Stove Error 2?

This error code indicates a problem with the stove’s auger system. This component is responsible for providing air flow to ensure proper combustion within the stove. If the motor can’t turn on the auger or is defective it’s unable to move which results in Error 2.

How Can I Fix the King Pellet Stove Error 2?

Reset Thermostat

  • In some cases, it may be caused by a temporary flaw. The first step to handle this is to revert to thermostat settings.
  • Turn off the stove and unplug it out of the power line.
  • Wait at least two minutes before plugging it in again and restarting the stove.


  • If restarting the thermostat does not solve the problem, then the device should be switched off from its full power.
  • Turn off the gas, unplug the power supply, and wait for a few minutes.
  • Plug the stove back in and turn it on.

Check Auger for Blockages

  • Turn off the stove when the cooking is finished, and let it cool down before further action.
  • See both the hopper and the auger and check the auger for any visible blockages or pellets stuck in the mechanism.
  • Take a non-metallic tool and add it to any barriers, but make sure the auger is not damaged.

Additional Tips

  • Remember that proper maintenance and regular cleaning of your King Pellet Stove can help prevent error codes and ensure optimal performance. 
  • Tighten any loose screws or replace damaged parts as needed.
  • Inspect the combustion blower for any signs of damage or wear.
  • If there is any visible issue with the auger motor then replace it.

Contact Support 

If the error 2 persists with you then do not hesitate to contact the King stove’s technical support team for further assistance.

Final words 

By following these guidelines and taking proactive measures, you can enjoy the warmth and efficiency of your pellet stove for a long duration of time.

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