PS5 HDMI is Not working – Here’s how to Fix it.

PS5 HDMI is Not working: If your PS5 does not show any visuals on your TV while connecting to the HDMI cable, so you have an issue with your HDMI port.

Fix PS5 HDMI is Not working

You may find a variety of symptoms, like a black screen appearing on the TV display, no input message, an unclear and frizzy picture on the screen, and blue light for an extended period, referring to internal hardware issues.

There could be several reasons for sticking into this situation, which may include dust particles gathered on the side of the port, excessive bending of the HDMI, and the fact that your HDMI port is damaged.

Verify your PS5 and HDTV’s HDMI port

The HDMI port looks like a semi-octagon that may have found the back left of the PS5 between the Ethernet ports and AC power. The cable should be properly connected to the console. Any plug sticking out means there is a chance for an improper pairing. Clean the dust of the port by using a clean piece of cotton cloth. 

Inspect the HDTV

Connect your TV to the console using a port. Give a try to HDMI cable to pair with PS5 a different TV.

Turn off the HDR

HDR settings preference may disrupt the PS5, which shows the issue, so try to disable the HDR settings by navigating to > click on the screen and video > choose video output, then HDR > turn off the settings.

Safe mode

You can avoid the issue by entering safe mode with the following steps:

  • Press and hold the power of the PS5 until a beep sound appears to turn off the console.
  • With the help of the USB cable, pair the Dualsense wireless controller, and then start pressing the PS button.
  • Then, navigate to the safe mode menu and select the change video output option.
  • Further, change the HDCP settings to HDCP 1.4 and relaunch the PS5. 

Bottom Line

If the problem persists with you, so try to connect with the PlayStation directly or a technician who has experience because now your PS5 needs repair; otherwise, you have to buy a new one. 

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